Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Our little slugger just finished his rookie year

Here it is, with all its glory...Easton's first birthday party! The wind blew, the cupcakes looked and tasted awful but all in all we had a fun time, and enjoyed the company of all who were able to attend. Since Easton's baseball birthday cake hit the deck, my best friend Brooke ran to the store and picked up a back up. He didn't really like all the attention of all his cousins watching him so I told the kids to dig in the cupcakes and Easton went to town on his cake. Later on he was playing on the ground (yes, the dang kid still wont walk) and my sister in law Angie put the cake down for Easton, and he really started to dig in.

The birthday shirt my mom helped me make way back in February.

The big guys birthday invitation. It will be hard to top this!

If you live in Cedar don't use Cravings for cupcakes, they looked and tasted awful..luckily I had previously made cupcake wrappers and toppers which made them look a lot better than if they were by themselves. I was pretty sad!

The "watch me grow banner." This was tons of work, but it will make a cute decoration for his room now.

Cake pops, SO YUMMY, so time consuming...but they turned out cute!

These pictures are mostly for my side of the family, cause they weren't able to make it all the way from Seattle, Easton definitley missed you guys but we can't wait to see you this summer!

Easton wont remember any of this, but Mom will and thats what matters...he can go back and look at pictures when he is older and be grateful than. Until than....lets hope Easton jumps on the bandwagon soon and starts to walk :) The kid is a tank to haul around!


Ty and Whitty said...

What a stinkin cute birthday party! Our little guys are close in age. When is his actual birthday. Anyway I found your blog through you following mine. You looks super de duper familiar did you used to be in the Greenslake ward in Cedar. We used to live there but are up in SL now. I feel bad I feel like i was always so busy back then I didnt get to know many people there. Too bad you guys are way cute

Jace, Nancy and Easton said...

Whitney, ya we are in the Greenslake ward. My husband used to be in a singles ward bishopric so we didn't attend our home ward much. Joselyn Thueson and I are in cub scouts together and I saw your blog on her blog list. I love your projects! His birthday is April 26th.

MnkyGrl said...

I love this theme! I think you executed it perfectly! I sent you a personal e-mail in regards to the invitation.