Thursday, April 28, 2011


Double fisted!

Jace's brother Derek and his baby boy Eric and Jace's parents

With their Grandma

Someone doesn't want to smile...

Easton had his 1 year check up today he was 50% on weight and 58% on height, and we found out the poor guy had a double ear infection..not only that (mom of the year over here) he got his first farmers tan/burn. Jace was helping lay sod in a friends back yard and they were longer than they thought, I had to go to work so I dropped Easton off and he hung out with the boys in his stroller, in direct sunlight. I am hoping we will spend plenty of time in the sun with the sweet kiddie pool he got for his birthday, well slicked with sunscreen though! We spent Easter at the Oliverson's and Easton enjoyed his first easter egg hunt. I was so proud of him, he totally grasped the concept and would pick the eggs up and put them in his bag. What a smartie pants!


angie said...

how in the world is he 50% in weight?!?!?! hahaha HE IS SO CUTE! i hope he is feeling better.

Leanne said...

Your chunk is a perfect square. I love it! And he is still a dead ringer for his daddy, that is also really cute. Watch him grow up to be an ice skater in spandex and not a baseball player! Kids do stuff like that all the time. He is such a handsome lad and that is for sure!

Leanne said...

no one can blame you for wasting time writing on your page. A picture would be nice....or two even. Even I write more than you do, and that is the biggest insult I know!!!