Friday, March 11, 2011

Our lil' slugger

Our little man is 10 and a half months old already. We have had some health concerns with him recently. After a stomach x-ray and scope, The doctor diagnosed him with eosiniphillic esophatitis, which is an allergic inflammatory disease in his esophagus, but now that mystery is what is causing it. Most cases of this disease are driven by a food allergy, so our doctor referred us to an allergy specialist. I was pretty sure a food allergy wasn't what was causing his vomiting because I have traked his foot intake and there was no pattern. The results from the allergy tests came back clear, after the poor little guy had to get 35 shots in his back :(. Now Jace needs to get an x-ray and most likely a scope to see if he has the same disease so we can determine if its genetic. Easton is now on medical grand formula and I have began making my own baby food for him per doctor recommendations.

Other than this bump we are doing really well. Easton is ALL boy..always willing to play and be thrown around. He started standing on his own a few days ago, no steps yet but loves to walk with our assistance. Here are just some fun pictures of our lil slugger....

On the ball fields in Santa Clara