Monday, February 15, 2010

Just like daddy....

Look how adorable he is! We just had our 28 week appointment on Friday. My mom was in town so she was able to come with us. Bobbie, the ultrasound tech, said Easton already had hair and eyelashes which is unusual at 28 weeks. He was already doing breathing motions as well. His umbilical cord is right there on his cheek which is why it is a funny shape. Mind you, if any of you knew Jace as a baby Easton is just like daddy....he had his mouth open during the entire ultrasound, and he sure got Daddy's lips. We just can't wait to meet our handsome young man!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Easton Ray

We have officially named our baby.....EASTON RAY OLIVERSON. Poor Jace had to give up Jaxon, though I do love that name, just not with our last name. Easton has been growing so quickly!
About a month ago, after Jace and I had finished teaching temple prep at church I stood up and felt a lot of pelvic pressure...I said something to Jace about it but wasn't concerned. After I got home from church it started getting really tight I wasn't even able to walk, about 30 minutes later the pain eased up. Jace called our Doctor and he said its just my ligaments stretching and my body preparing for birth. The pain never went away, but it was bearable. I just feared Easton was just going to fall out! On Wednesday the pain started to get really bad and I started spotting, than to make things worse I read on that you should contact your Dr. if you are experience pelvic pressure before 37 weeks. Jace was so concerned he called the Dr. and was able to get me in on that same day. They checked my cervix and everything was perfectly fine. Easton is just carrying really low which is giving me a lot of pelvic pressure. What a relief it was for the both of us!
I will be starting my third trimester on TUESDAY! Jace is just so anxious for baby to get here...he will be an amazing father! We feel so blessed for this opportunity to be parents! I have been feeling good other than weird cravings or anything, just starting to feel really huge!