Monday, December 21, 2009

Two dimes and a nickle

At Jace's ward on sunday, one of the dear sisters in his ward, Abbey shared this story in her talk. It touched me SO much I had to get a copy and share it with others. Abbey is such a doll, she attends the temple prep class Jace and I teach, and she is such a joy to have in our class. Thank you again Abbey!

Two Dimes and a Nickel
By Richard A. Robb

During my first Christmas as bishop, a single mother with three small children lived in our ward. This young woman had a strong testimony of the gospel and lived it to the best of her ability. She cleaned homes and did sewing to try to make ends meet, but often she could not.
Single-handedly raising three boys under the age of eight was a real challenge. These active, energetic youngsters always seemed to be in some sort of trouble. I remember extricating them from more than one tussle with their classmates.

Several good people helped this struggling family. I’ll never forget the brother who came into my office one Sunday just a couple of weeks before Christmas, asking to speak with me privately. He was concerned about the young mother and her family and wanted to do something for them. Would I accept his contribution and use it in the best way I could to help them? As we spoke, I hardly noticed his small son, who remained in the office with us.

The man explained that he did not know what the woman and her family needed. He just wanted to help and felt that I would be inspired to know what to do. He then entrusted to me quite a remarkable sum of money—not remarkable in the amount, but remarkable relative to his modest means, of which I was well aware. I knew that this gift meant a sacrifice of his own family’s Christmas, at least in the temporal sense. But this wise brother knew where real rewards come from.

Seeing the resolve shining in his eyes, I protested only gently. Then I cleared my tightening throat, thanked him for his unselfish gift, and promised to do my best to make Christmas a little brighter for the young mother and her sons.
I also agreed to honor his request for anonymity.

The story might well end here and still be memorable. But the event that has etched this experience in my mind had yet to occur.

It wasn’t the way I was able to help the family with the contribution—although that turned out to be most gratifying—but rather what took place in my office one week following that brother’s visit. It was just a few days before Christmas, and I was between tithing-settlement interviews when I heard a soft knock on the office door. I opened it to see, standing quite alone, the six-year-old boy who had sat quietly in my office while his dad and I had talked the Sunday before.
He asked politely if he could talk to me for just a minute. After we walked into the office—which I presume is always a bit of a frightening experience for youngsters—I invited him to sit down. He fidgeted with something in his pocket and, after some struggle, pulled out two dimes and a nickel and laid them on my desk. He apologized that the coins were all the money he had, and that they were a little old and dirty, since he had had them quite a while. The money, he explained, was for me to use to help his three friends, like his dad was helping their mother. As my heart swelled and my eyes became moist, he added that he felt I would know best how to divide his treasure among his friends and that he was sorry he did not have three dimes so that each could have one.

What lessons culminated in that moment! A father’s unselfish example, the trust of a small boy in his bishop, and the humble, Christlike act of a child obviously without guile. Only a few weeks before I had pulled this boy from a scuffle involving the soon-to-be recipients of his forgiving love and charity.

I hugged him, partly to camouflage my now obvious tears and mostly to tell him how much I appreciated him and how much I knew his Father in Heaven loved him. I then walked him to the door, shook his hand, and assured him that I would do the best I could to help his friends this Christmas with his generous gift. As I turned to go back into my office, he whispered after me, “And remember, Bishop, don’t ever tell anyone it was me.”

Well, I never have told anyone until now, my young friend. I hope relating our special story in this way is all right so that others might feel a bit of the quiet Christmas spirit of love and charity that we felt that day.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Belly picture and 1 year anniversary

Our first belly picture :) 20 weeks!
Wow! It's been a whole year, can you believe it! This year has definitely been the best year of my life! Jace is the best husband in the world, he always makes me laugh, he is so kind and caring, and he works so hard to provide for our family. I love Jace so much and I can't wait to start our faimily, meet our son, and see what else the future holds for us!

Monday, December 14, 2009



Here he is at out 19 week ultrasound

I am 20 weeks..half way there! I have been doing really well, I haven't been sick at all, just the smell of things gets to me sometimes. I have definitely been blessed as far as that goes. Jace and I both feel so grateful to have a little one on the way. He will be the first Oliverson boy :) which Jace is very proud of. The 18th grandchild on the Oliverson side and the 9th on the Godsey side. We found out very early that we were having a boy, first I had a dream it was a boy 2 days after we found out and than at our 12 week appointment we asked the ultrasound technician to guess and she guessed a boy, at 15 weeks she confirmed it was a boy. It is DEFINITELY a little man, so definite I feel guilty about posting the ultrasound on the Internet, so just take our word for it.
Baby doesn't have a name yet, though we have two contenders. Jace likes the name Jaxon Ray, which I like as well it is just TOO common and I don't want him to have to go by Jaxon O in school so the deal is, if Jaxon isn't on the top ten list of names according to (for 2008 it was #6) he will be Jaxon Ray but if it is.......he will be Easton Ray. (Ray after Jace's Grandpa)
My baby bump is growing oh so very fast! But all in all everything has been great and Jace has been the perfect husband through this. We are so grateful for this blessing in our lives, and can't wait to me our baby boy!