Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sweet summer time

This summer all of Jace's family is living in southern Utah....yes all 29 members of Jace's immediate family. It has been so fun having the whole family so close...wish mine could do the same. A couple of weeks ago we took Jace's neices who have been living in Omaha out for a fun day.
Katelyn, Annie, Sammie and I. They are such cute girls.
Than we met up with the Beck and Bundy kids at the splash pad.

I love Daxton in this picture!

I should have turned this picture around..sorry. Look how adorable these girls are! Between mine and Jace's families we have 5 neices and nephews who are will be a busy year when they turn 8!

Dax runnin from the camera

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Garret's baby blessing

This is my brothers baby boy Garrett, isn't he so handsome, in the cute little church outfit we gave him. We went up to Orem at the end of May for his baby blessing. It was so nice to have my entire family there! Jace in my dad's sweet glasses/sunglasses
Lawrence and baby Garett
Almost the whole family...Curtis was in Texas
Jace decided to shave his head. I'm not sure why though, his sister Shanna gives him free haircuts, im just so happy it will be grown out by the time we get family pictures in July. This is what Jace will look like when he uses the wrong shampoo, you just lose your hair in the middle...right dad ;)
He is still handsome even without hair!

Jace and I also moved down the street a bit at the first of this month. We really enjoy our new place, and Jace is excited to have his own grass to take care of.