Thursday, April 30, 2009

People are too lazy to cook for me

I was talking to Lula (our laundry lady at the hotel) this morning and she said the funniest thing I just had to share it. She was telling me how hungry she was and so I had asked her why she didn't have any breakfast...and this was her reply, "because people are too lazy to cook for me." How great is that!

Jace started another softball season, high school baseball season ends the third week of May.. I'm still working at the hotel, enjoying my free time away from school. DON'T FORGET TO LET ME KNOW iF YOU NEED A HOTEL DiSCOUNT!

See that bruise on the back of my idea where it came from, I noticed at the gym today. Its so much worse than the picture portrays. I don't know what my deal is, I get super nasty bruises from who know's what. I'm like a peach.
President Monson is coming to town tomorrow to speak at SUU graduation, and he is staying at the hotel. I really hope I get to shake his hand, but I talked to the guy who is head of security on the phone the other day and asked him how likely it would be that I would even see him and he said very unlikely but he said he would tell President Monson how much I would really love to meet him. I'll let you know if I do.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

26.2 Miles

Jace and I signed up for the St. George Marathon! I got an e-mail reminding me of sign ups for the marathon, I didn't even open it I just deleted it and moved on. I ran it in 2007, but passed out (literaly) on mile 24 due to dehydration. Than I was at the gym and decided I wanted to run it. I talked to Jace about it asking him if he would support me by helping me train, and by the end of our conversation he wanted to run it too!

We are super excited and hope we both get in, there are so many runners that sign up that they have to do a lottery. Jace will automatically get in because the address on his drivers license is his parents in Washington County and all Washington County residents get a guaranteed entry. We will find out on May 5th if I get in.
When I ran it in 2007 Jace and I weren't together, and were dating different people. Well aparently he remembered that I was running it, so Jace drove up and down the course looking for me...he never saw me, but still I thought it was a cute story!