Sunday, September 14, 2008


Jace Darin Oliverson

Born: July 9, 1984 Salt Lake City Utah

Hometown: Cedar City Utah

College: Southern Utah University

Major: Physical Education

Minor: English

Employed: Prosperity capital, insurance agent

Loves: Boston Red Soxs, BYU football, and playing sports.



Born: November 6, 1986
Hometown: Clinton, Washington
College: Southern Utah University
Major: Hotel Managment
Minor: Marketing
Employment: Front office manager at the SpringHill Suites by Marriott in Cedar
Loves: Spending time with family, running, playing the violin, church, 4th of July, and JACE


How did he/you propose?


Jace and I were driving on Sunset Blvd. in St. George when he asked me if he asked me to marry him what I would say. I immediatley responded with a YES! I was just curious. A couple weeks later while Jace was working I was over at the Bundy's (Jace's sister and brother in law) playing with the kids. This cracks me up because I remember how excited I was to tell them that they were going to have a new Aunt. But, I remember telling them not to say anything to Nancy about the ring. But obvioulsy they are kids and when they are excited it is hard to to such a huge secret, especially when they were excited about it. Jace's neice Allysah shyly told me she had a secret, after much pressure from me, she told me she saw the ring Jace had gotten for me. I asked her what it looked like and she responded "its shiny and sparkley." A few weeks had passed, and no proposal. There was no proposal because I knew what allysah had said, and I knew she was expecting it so I was rude and made her wait. Jace had sensed some frustration on my part and called my sister Emily for advice. That was a wrong idea haha. They talked and immediatley after the conversation ended my sister called me to tell me the good news.. That is the reaosn why that was a bad idea, she will now be the last to know any exciting thing to happen in our future because of her actions haha. he was proposing on saturday at the BBQ. Saturday approached, and our friends came over to Jace's parents for a BBQ. We watched the Jazz game(she was dead asleep by my side after two minutes of watching the game) and then afterwards Jace asked to go to a ride. It was now time to be doctor smooth. Jace parked the car at the fountain at Dixie State, and Jace told me at this very spot is when we first met exactly 2 years ago Cool huh?:) Thats good for a guy to remember the exact date like that. He then handed me a gift. I opened it and could tell from the outside of the box that it was a set of scriptures. I had opened the box and saw the scriptures personalized they read "Nancy Oliverson." He than prompted me to read Docterine and Covenants 131 verses 1-4. We got out of the car, Jace got on one knee and said some beautiful words I don't even remember. I pulled him up and embraced him.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

our STORY...

How we met
My best friend Brooke and Jace's best friend Ryan both worked together at the Shell gas station. I came to the Shell to visit Brooke one day and she had introduced me to Ryan. Brooke and Ryan than talked amongst themselves and had scheduled a double date with the two of them and Jace and I. Ryan had called me right after nancy had left the Shell Gas Station to tell me how he was going to set me up with my future wife. Unfortunately when Brooke had approached me about her plans I already had a date. Whatever, she just says that, she knew she was going to meet the man of her dreams:). We ended up driving down to St. George together, because I was still on pain pills from my wake boarding accident. I was supposed to meet up with my date but something else came up so my date cancelled. Once again she just says that because she was nervous that all of her dreams were going to come true that night by meeting the man of her dreams. We met up with Jace and Ryan at the Smith's grocery store down in St. George (the first time I saw her Brooke had rolled down her back window and Nancy was sitting in the middle of the seat in the back, I was in awe that I was going to be able to spend the night with her)and than proceeded to go to a park to play football. After our game of football we went to college and watched a movie on Jace's laptop. I pretty much regulated the game and tackled Nancy every time I got the chance to. Jace had come down to lay by me but I couldn't see the screen so I scooted away from him. She totally rejected me and made me feel like an absolute retard. I was so embarrassed and so upset with myself that I grabbed Ryan and made him go for a walk with me so I could tell him how embarrassed I felt. We said our goodbyes and Brooke and I headed back to Cedar. After what she did to me while watching the movie I was not into her either. At first I wasn't really into Jace, but the four of us ended up hanging out again and Jace's apartment, and that's when the magic happened. Oh yea, the Jace magic:) This time when he sat next to me I didn't scoot away, and than he made the move...he kissed me. Lets remember I was still a returned missionary and needed to refill the canteen haha no I loved every second of it, finally being able to get close to this girl, the girl I viewed so adorable and amazing. We started dating that summer of 2006 and continued a little here and there til we stopped around December of 2007. After about a month and a half of spending time apart Jace had written me a message on facebook, (In February) and informed me we were in the same institute class. I was so excited and I had to tell her, but I only had the guts to do it over facebook. I hadn't attended the class yet but once I found out we were in the same class I told him I would be there the next day. That morning I got all dolled up for him, and to my disappointment he wasn't there, finally the third time he came to class but didn't sit by me, but we talked after class and our courtship began all over again. We never missed a day until the last day of the semester. I remember how nervous I would be to see her, it drove me crazy. I was going to institute for the wrong reasons, to see her and not to learn, is that bad? But I love her with all my heart!! I am so glad that Heavenly Father was patient with us and helped us get back together over and over again.