Thursday, April 28, 2011


Double fisted!

Jace's brother Derek and his baby boy Eric and Jace's parents

With their Grandma

Someone doesn't want to smile...

Easton had his 1 year check up today he was 50% on weight and 58% on height, and we found out the poor guy had a double ear infection..not only that (mom of the year over here) he got his first farmers tan/burn. Jace was helping lay sod in a friends back yard and they were longer than they thought, I had to go to work so I dropped Easton off and he hung out with the boys in his stroller, in direct sunlight. I am hoping we will spend plenty of time in the sun with the sweet kiddie pool he got for his birthday, well slicked with sunscreen though! We spent Easter at the Oliverson's and Easton enjoyed his first easter egg hunt. I was so proud of him, he totally grasped the concept and would pick the eggs up and put them in his bag. What a smartie pants!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Our little slugger just finished his rookie year

Here it is, with all its glory...Easton's first birthday party! The wind blew, the cupcakes looked and tasted awful but all in all we had a fun time, and enjoyed the company of all who were able to attend. Since Easton's baseball birthday cake hit the deck, my best friend Brooke ran to the store and picked up a back up. He didn't really like all the attention of all his cousins watching him so I told the kids to dig in the cupcakes and Easton went to town on his cake. Later on he was playing on the ground (yes, the dang kid still wont walk) and my sister in law Angie put the cake down for Easton, and he really started to dig in.

The birthday shirt my mom helped me make way back in February.

The big guys birthday invitation. It will be hard to top this!

If you live in Cedar don't use Cravings for cupcakes, they looked and tasted awful..luckily I had previously made cupcake wrappers and toppers which made them look a lot better than if they were by themselves. I was pretty sad!

The "watch me grow banner." This was tons of work, but it will make a cute decoration for his room now.

Cake pops, SO YUMMY, so time consuming...but they turned out cute!

These pictures are mostly for my side of the family, cause they weren't able to make it all the way from Seattle, Easton definitley missed you guys but we can't wait to see you this summer!

Easton wont remember any of this, but Mom will and thats what matters...he can go back and look at pictures when he is older and be grateful than. Until than....lets hope Easton jumps on the bandwagon soon and starts to walk :) The kid is a tank to haul around!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Our lil' slugger

Our little man is 10 and a half months old already. We have had some health concerns with him recently. After a stomach x-ray and scope, The doctor diagnosed him with eosiniphillic esophatitis, which is an allergic inflammatory disease in his esophagus, but now that mystery is what is causing it. Most cases of this disease are driven by a food allergy, so our doctor referred us to an allergy specialist. I was pretty sure a food allergy wasn't what was causing his vomiting because I have traked his foot intake and there was no pattern. The results from the allergy tests came back clear, after the poor little guy had to get 35 shots in his back :(. Now Jace needs to get an x-ray and most likely a scope to see if he has the same disease so we can determine if its genetic. Easton is now on medical grand formula and I have began making my own baby food for him per doctor recommendations.

Other than this bump we are doing really well. Easton is ALL boy..always willing to play and be thrown around. He started standing on his own a few days ago, no steps yet but loves to walk with our assistance. Here are just some fun pictures of our lil slugger....

On the ball fields in Santa Clara

Friday, December 24, 2010

Growing up way too fast!

First thing Easton did when he sat on Santa's lap he pulled his beard

After Thanksgiving dinner

Easton is growing up WAY too fast! The other day, Easton fell asleep in my arms... I just starred at him, wondering who this little babe will become. I caught myself getting emotional just looking back at these past 8 months. Some little fun facts about my little man...

wears size 12-18 month clothes

rolls around all over the place


flirting with the idea of crawling (he gets on his hands and knees and rocks)

loves to splash in the tub
LOVES all flavors of baby food
can pick up puffs and put them in his mouth
sleeps 11 hours and night and takes 2 naps

Monday, October 4, 2010

5 months!

Look how big our little man has gotten. Easton is SUCH a joy in our lives! He continues to amaze us everyday! We took him in for his 4 month check up and he was pretty much 50% on all his measurements. Two weeks later we took him back in because of some eczema and he was up to 68% on weight. And now at 21 weeks when we weighed him on our scale he toppled off at 18.5 pounds. He has rolls on his wrists, his thighs, his ankles...and those adorable chubby cheeks just keep getting bigger. Easton rolled over for the first time at 17 weeks. But the little stinker did it in his crib so we didn't get to see him, now he loves to roll from his back to his tummy and than gets frustrated because he gets stuck on his tummy. Easton still LOVES his baths, he loves to play with the water...he has almost grown out of his tub even!
Easton LOVES those cougars! But hates watching football games, because Jace gets pretty into and it scares our little chunk chunks.

Easton has slept thru the night ever since he was 2 months. He is also a good napper....usually 3 naps a day!

Our little man loves his cereal especially when I flavor it with prunes or banana's!
He will sit in his high chair and lean forward waiting anxiously for us to start feeding him.

I just love these jammies!

We spent the weekend down in St. George with Jace's parents. Easton got to spend time with his cousins. Katelyn is definitely his favorite.

Easton can sit up for about 10 seconds but than gets tired and leans back down. He also loves to play in his jumped for short periods of time...he gets tired from it pretty fast. Watch this video of Easton playing in his jumper.


Saturday, July 31, 2010

Easton watching TV

Easton loves to watch Disney Channel, one morning I snapped this short video of him while I got his bath ready.


Monday, June 21, 2010

Fathers Day

Last year on father's day Jace said to me, maybe next year I will be a daddy on father's day...I told him maybe in two years. He was so sad the rest of the day, luckily Jace's nieces and nephews made him a big card that said, "you are like a dad to us" and that cheered him up. Little did I know that we would have a 7 week old baby boy on fathers day.

He always sleeps with his mouth open

Big yawn and wink....this kid is talented